Anime Score List – 2018

I might edit this with more comments if I feel less lazy. But for now I’ll just make a list. I will say that for me, it was a strong year for comedy. This is only anime that finished airing in 2018. I watched some older shows but will not list them.

Also a quick explanation of how I rate things.

10 – No flaws large enough to bother me. Pure enjoyment, thrill, or and/or emotion.
9 – An extremely enjoyable show with amazing moments but missing something
8 – Above average show
7 – Average show

Anything I would rate below 7 is “below average” and I usually drop those. I’m only gonna list shows I rated 8 and higher. No specific order for 10 and 9. 8 is sorted by which ended airing first.



  1. Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou (Maquia)
  2. Liz to Aoi Tori
  3. 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
  4. Steins;Gate 0


  1. High Score Girl
  2. Violet Evergarden
  3. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby
  4. Yama no Susume: Third Season
  5. Comic Girls
  6. Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
  7. SSSS.Gridman
  8. Hinamatsuri
  9. Amanchu! Advance
  10. Violet Evergarden: Kitto “Koi” wo Shiru Hi ga Kuru no Darou
  11. Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara
  12. Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san (raised to 9 after thinking about it for 9 months)


  1. Girls & Panzer: Saishuushou Part 1 (Blu-ray Release was 2018, theater 2017)
  2. Devilman: Crybaby
  3. B: The Beginning
  4. A.I.C.O.: Incarnation
  5. Yuru Camp△
  6. Mahoutsukai no Yome
  7. Mitsuboshi Colors
  8. Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san (Debated giving this a 9 because it was so pure and adorable. But it had too many boring moments)
  9. Ryuuou no Oshigoto!
  10. Koi wa Ameagari no You ni
  11. Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
  12. Hakumei to Mikochi
  13. Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
  14. Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii ( Originally I gave this a 9 but lowered it after thinking about more)
  15. Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS
  16. Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai
  17. Megalo Box
  18. Hisone to Maso-tan
  19. Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
  20. Piano no Mori (TV)
  21. Darling in the FranXX
  22. Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory
  23. Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro
  24. Asobi Asobase (Originally I gave this a 9 but lowered it after thinking about more)
  25. Sirius (hands down P.A. Works’s weakest project of the year)
  26. Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight
  27. Grand Blue
  28. Happy Sugar Life (Originally I gave this a 9 but lowered it after thinking about more)
  29. Hataraku Saibou
  30. Zombieland Saga
  31. Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san
  32. Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai (Started off strong but the way it threw characters away after their arcs bothered me, and the final arc was pretty weak)
  33. Yagate Kimi ni Naru
  34. Goblin Slayer


Total finished

10/10: 4
9/10: 11
8/10: 34
7/10: 13
6:/10: 4
Older shows not listed: 6
Total: 72

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Violet Evergarden episode 1

This is easily my most hyped anime of the season. And it seems like it’s the most hyped for many people. I honestly expect this hype to ruin the show for a lot of people. But as I said in a previous post, I’m a Kyoto Animation fanboy so even with my hopes high, I’m almost certain I will love this anime. I heard good things about episode 1 from friends at Anime Expo, so my exceptions were raised further by these people I trust. I finally got to watch it all these months later, so here’s what I thought…

Definitely a strong start. I can understand that some people may find this intro episode a bit slow, but I’m glad it didn’t really feel rushed. As expected, gorgeous art in every way. Especially the backgrounds. One thing I really love about KyoAni is that unlike 90% of other anime, they make their worlds truly feel alive thanks to all the characters moving in the background and such, and the same is definitely true in Violet Evergarden. There was so many characters just living their lives in the background – it was beautiful and immersive. I also thought they did a great job establishing Violet’s mindset on everything and why she wants to become an Auto Memories (Memoir?) Doll. I can fully understand the people that didn’t get attached to her character yet. There wasn’t really anything endearing about her unless you just feel sorry for her.  Again, visually stunning, as expected from KyoAni. If the future stories in the show are even half as good as Hibike! Euphonium, I will be very happy. Easily my favorite intro episode of the season – It’s one of the few shows that really got me wanting to really learn more about the world and characters. I really love when anime can make me feel that way.


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Winter 2018 – Episode 1 Impressions

Short thoughts on each show’s first episode

Week 1




A Place Further than the Universe

Really solid intro. Sadly, episode 1s are generally pretty strong and then things go downhill, so my hopes are not up just yet. Really enjoyed this one though. I really liked all the vocal tracks used in here, as well. Great voices and catchy tunes. Characters though, I didn’t really care for at all. Main girl was kinda annoying and Main Girl #2 wasn’t really explored much yet.

Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san

Voice cast is the best thing about this show. Not awful. I smirked a bit and learned a bit. I like it. The Eyecatch tune made me laugh. The opening theme by Minori Suzuki was a let down, though. She STILL sounds like a wanna-be Megumi Nakajima to me. I really want her to get out of that box but her agency must think it’s good for her. Great voice cast.

Yuru Camp△

Great voice cast. A bit slow but still enjoyable. Fantastic soundtrack and ending theme.
Here’s the ending theme’s official music video: ふゆびより

Eri Sasaki’s song is just so beautiful. Characters seemed far more unique/fun than other slice of life shows of the season. Probably will be the best SOL of the season if things stay on course.

Toji no Miko

Toji no Miko had an interesting start. The animation in the very beginning was really jarring. They girls looked like they were on a different plane entirely. CG was just completely terrible. Actual content was fairly enjoyable. Fights were simple, also pretty realistic as far as this kinda stuff goes. End of the episode’s plot direction made the whole thing a lot more interesting. However, I still think this show will end up being garbage.

Grancrest Senki

Not much I can really say about this episode. Animation and music was pretty solid. Stuff happened, so that’s good. Character’s seem likeable enough. Action was enjoyable to watch and it kept me wanting to see more – but again, that’s not saying much for me. I was already really hyped since it’s from the creator of Record of Lodoss War.



The yuri anime of the season. Really not comfortable with the teacher thing. Mei is also a pretty irritating character so far. She seems like she has severe daddy issues. Didn’t like Sakura Trick much because it was more fanservice than actual substance. I hope this ends up having more substance. Really just not a fan of anime that end up being softcore porn/makeout sessions. It’s not interesting to watch. Either be porn, or don’t be porn. There’s hints of an actual story in here though, so I’ll give it a few more episodes.


Slow Start

This one seems to be getting the most mixed reactions. A lot of people find it too generic and boring. I enjoyed it. I really like the cast. Music matches well. Much faster paced than the title suggested. But there’s NO WAY that Hana is 17-years-old, LOL. First year in high school? Japan has 3 years of high school so she’s gonna be 19 when she graduates…she old for her grade and looks even younger. Comedy was fairly average but the cast made up for it, which I guess is why I enjoyed it. Now days, “Everything is the same” and execution is really where it matters. Also had the cutest faces so far.





Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card-hen


Maaya Sakamoto’s “Clear” is fantastic and fits perfectly as the opening theme. I wished the episode was a double feature, it felt too short! Not much else to really say for this other than that it’s Cardcaptor Sakura. Character designs are far more modern but everything else about it feels old school. I love it.




Week 2



Mitsuboshi Colors

Jokes were kinda lackluster. Blonde girl (Sacchan) yelled a bit too much. Overall not bad but one of the weaker of the genre for this season, IMO. I can see the comedy but it’s definitely aimed more at kids. Brown haired girl looks a bit too much like Miu Matsuoka from Ichigo Mashimaro, lol. Even her name is kinda similar, Yui Akamatsu. Actually…there’s no way that’s a coincidence. Author definitely made this character as a reference to Miu Matsuoka.



I love mystery anime. I love Psychological anime. This is listed as both, so I was hyped. First episode wasn’t really a let down. It went exactly where the description went. It did seem a bit fast paced – no time to really care about the characters or such but it didn’t feel rushed exactly. I still have hope for this show. I didn’t want the episode to end when it did, and that’s always a good feeling.


Ryuuou no Oshigoto!

Exactly as I expected. Super cute loli main. Ai-chan might be best girl of the season. Good ending theme. Soundtrack fits well. Character relationships so far are predictable and cliche, but enjoyable. A lot of adorable faces and poses from Ai-chan. Fun episode. Good start. Director  Yanagi, Shinsuke, of Ro-Kyu-Bu! and  Tenshi no 3P! fame, seems to be keeping to the style his fans expect. Lots of loli leg shots, for example. There was also very clearly 3 more lolis that will probably become part of the main cast. There was really only one scene that I would consider “Fanservice”. Ai was taking a shower and apparently doesn’t care if people see her naked because she existed the shower without even trying to cover herself up. Of course, nothing was actually shown. I expect this show will have a lot more fanservice in future episodes – especially loli legs. But it definitely had far more actual shogi-focused substance than fanservice. I have little doubt that shogi will be the main focus. If you’re worried about it being focused too much on “loli-service”, I don’t think you should be.




Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

Kimagure Romantic cover for the ending theme is nice. Originally from Ikimonogakari way back in 2008. Actual episode content was cute but extremely predictable. Takagi is where this show shines. One thing that did bother me a bit was a little continuity error.


[HorribleSubs] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san - 01 [1080p].mkv_20180108_162638.877

[HorribleSubs] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san - 01 [1080p].mkv_20180108_162631.876[HorribleSubs] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san - 01 [1080p].mkv_20180108_162626.682




These three images are in order. In the first shot, his book is in front of him so the teacher can’t see what he’s doing. In the next shot, the book is flat on his desk. On the third shot, it’s back standing up. This happened a few more times throughout the bit. Minor, but annoying to observant people.


Basilisk: Ouka Ninpou Chou

Honestly this was easily the worst show I’ve seen this season, so far. First off, the animation was fairly subpar. There was even a lot of still shots used when simple animation should’ve been done. The actual content just didn’t flow very well to me. I’m not good at explaining what I mean here. It just felt like it was mixed up awkwardly. The story itself barely moved. All I really got out of the episode was that shinobi (oddly translated to ninja…why translate Japanese to Japanese?) are dying out and these people want siblings to mate to preserve the bloodline. This will be extremely off-putting to a lot of people. I personally don’t care. It’s gross, but it’s the story and its’ a thing people really did  do back in the day for various reasons.  If they use it to tell a strong story, more power to them. I’ll give it a few more episodes but I really didn’t have much fun with this episode.

Violet Evergarden

Definitely a strong start. I can understand that some people may find this intro episode a bit slow, but I’m glad it didn’t really feel rushed. As expected, gorgeous art in every way. Especially the backgrounds. Unlike 90% of other anime, this world truly feels alive thanks to all the characters moving in the background and such. They did a great job establishing Violet’s mindset on everything and why she wants to become an Auto Memories (Memoir?) Doll. Again, visually stunning, as expected for KyoAni. If the future stories in the show are even half as good as Hibike! Euphonium I will be very happy.

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Collection of subtitle errors – Winter 2018

In 2017, I noticed a good few dozen errors in official subtitles from every major site. I took really shitty records of them, though. These range from minor grammar and spelling issues to translation issues. For 2018, I decided to try and take much better records for my own personal information and possibly to show to these companies at the end of the year in hopes that they will consider working to improve their quality. I understand that they have to get these episodes out fast. I have some forgiveness for that reason. But a lot of the errors are so minor it’s laughable to me that they exist at all. On the other hand, some errors are so major that they change the meaning of what is said completely. Changing the meaning should NEVER happen, to any degree. The first example for 3-Gatsu no Lion 2nd Season is a good example of what should never happen.

If you find any examples of errors in legally streaming anime, please let me know by providing the Show, Episode Number, and the timestamp. Screenshots would be great.



Week 1


Toji no Miko Ep 1 704

Toji no Miko Episode 1 – 7:04. “is a representing Minoseki Academy.” shouldn’t have the word “a” in there.


3-Gatsu no Lion 2nd Season Episode 12 (AKA Episode 34) – 13:40.  “I’ll protect them from the both of us” should instead say “I’ll protect them for the both of us”.

Closer to literal, if I heard it correctly, would be “I’ll do your share of protecting, too.” I can see how they got “from the both of us” but the translation reads like it’s from someone who isn’t really fluent in English. This show has had many errors in the 2nd Season, all very similar in that the translator just doesn’t seem fluent in English. Or that it’s a really good robot translation.


Week 2


Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san episode 1.


“N o” obviously should be “No”.



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My favorite anime studio: Kyoto Animation

The other day Nick Creamer posted an article about Kyoto Animation on AnimeNewsNetwork, along with this personal list of favorite KyoAni anime. My comment to the post ended up being really log so I thought I’d post it here. Copy and paste:

KyoAni always does SOMETHING that I can’t explain that really speaks to me. Even their most hated shows, I really really enjoy. I remember people were trashing Beyond the Boundary left and right when it aired. I was going to skip it but I got bored before New Years that year and binged it and loved it. It had it’s flaws but it was still a FUN show to watch. KyoAni always makes FUN shows to watch – and very often they also have powerful moments. Kobayashi unexpectedly touched me with some emotional lines.

I have 47 “shows” (includes OVA and movies) on Myanimelist for KyoAni.

Only 8 I rated 7/10 (My “average” rating…anything 6 or lower I drop because too bland). These include shows like Tamako Market which seemed like it wasn’t sure what it was trying to do in the end. I heard the movie made things better but I haven’t seen it yet. Amagi Brilliant Park was also a 7/10 for me because I felt the comedy was weaker and the overall story and characters just didn’t connect to me very well.

11 of them I gave an 8/10 because they did something that I felt made them more enjoyable than the “average” show. This is a lot of Chuunibyou specials like the “Lite” series and basically everything related to “Ren”. It was a huge letdown after I considered the original Chuunibyou to be a masterpiece. Musaigen no Phantom World I also put here. Overall a really fun/enjoyable to watch show but it felt aimless in the end. I would’ve liked to see and learn more of the world they were in.

15 of them I gave 9/10 because I felt they were rather outstanding, minus a few issues that I could’t forgive enough to give 10/10. I just moved Lucky Star here a few years ago on a rewatch. When I originally watched Lucky Star in 2007, I honestly gave it a 10/10. As an Otaku-culture fanboy, It was a huge blast for me. But when rewatching it, I felt like the first few episodes were too much of a stain on the show as a whole and took a point off for those episodes. I also have Haruhi Season 2 in this section. Most people took more points off for Endless Eight but there’s charts online that explain everything you can skip – makes it far more bearable. And the way Endless Eight connects to the amazing movie helped me look at it as a bigger picture and keep it’s score higher for me. I love the franchise so much. Hyouka and Nichijou are also here for me. I literally just started rewatching Hyouka today. I meant to do it last year for the 5-year anniversary but got too busy over the year. Maybe I’ll appreciate it more and boost it up to a 10 this year. Nichijou was just too hit-or-miss for me with the comedy. Obviously I still love it, since I gave it a 9/10 but there was a few episodes where I only smirked once or twice rather than laughed, so I couldn’t give it full points. The last 9/10 I gave KyoAni was for A Silent voice when I watched it last year.

The last 13 are of course my 10/10. This is FAR more than any other studio has from me. 2a720311-1437-445f-a946-0f970e2cf1a0
This is why KyoAni are my favorite studio. I won’t deny part of my love for these is because of nostalgic reasons. In no specific order:

1. Air

Air is a mess by almost any standard now. But it was one of the first anime I watched completely blind. I was completely surprised how beautiful it was and of course the overall plot and everything really messed me up emotionally. It will always a special place in my heart

2-3. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya S1 and the Movie

Haruhi Season 1 is just legendary at this point. Another one I watched mostly blind. I’ll never in my life forget how I felt watching the concert scene, or the spoiler[kiss] scene. Just celebrated it in 2016 for it’s 10-year and it was every bit as fun. The movie, especially after Season 2, I truly believe is a masterpiece. I’ve given up hope for more Haruhi after 9 years since Season 2 aired, but that movie was a great point to stop anyway.

4-5. Clannad (Both Seasons)
6. Kanon

Clannad and Kanon…well, anyone that knows me at all calls me a KEY fanboy. But the only good KEY anime comes from KyoAni. Kanon is the anime I’ve watched more than any other in my life. I watched it every December for 10 years. Most other anime I can barely watch twice, but there’s something about Kanon 2006 that touches me in a way that lets me rewatch it endlessly. I think it’s beautiful in every way. Music, visuals, story. The ending was also one of happiest and most conclusive in all of anime, IMO. I hate how most anime have non-endings. Clannad, as a whole package, is just a really beautiful family story. I still feel like we don’t get enough of those in anime. KEY always has the best parents in anime, too. After Story, especially, though, breaks me every time I watch it. I rarely feel emotion from any TV show or movie, so I give it a lot of points for that. Again, the music is also S-tier for me, the theme songs and the soundtrack as a whole.

7-9. K-On! (Both Seasons) + Movie
10. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

I love K-On! and Kobayashi for the same reasons. Pure fun. Every episode of these shows, I just felt good. I laughed. I had a great time. Then every now and then they’d do something that was a little touching. Kobayashi talked about family, or acceptance. K-On! talked about growing up and the future. But even while putting actual meaning into the shows, KyoAni still kept true to the overall themes of each show which was still being a “comedy”. I have zero complaints about these shows at all.

11. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

I was a chuunibyou in middle school. Barely anyone where I grew up liked anime at all, so I was a massive outsider. I played in my mind like Rikka did. I connected with her instantly. It became clear very quickly that Chuunibyou was far more than a simple comedy, though. In the end it was a really, really beautiful and meaningful story. I always doubt that I’ll ever love an anime as much as I loved Chuunibyou when it was airing. I’m really hoping the new movie gives me this kind of feeling and is less like “Ren”.

11-12. Hibike! Euphonium (Both Seasons)

I basically watch any anime about music. I love music. I had no real expectations but the first season absolutely blew me away with his fantastic audio, S-Tier visuals, S-Tier “camera work”, S-Tier characters, and S-Tier plot. Kumiko is still one of my favorite characters in anime. The concert scene at the end of season 1 literally brought me to tears. ” Crescent Moon Dance” I think it was what they were performing.

This was my review for Hibike! Season 1 back in 2015

“It’s a lie that the gods smile upon those who make an effort”, says Kumiko, because sometimes effort has no rewards. But it’s definitely still better than not putting in any effort at all. KyoAni definitely put a lot of love and effort into Hibike!, and it totally paid off. Starting from the usual KyoAni gorgeous visuals, we get amazing backgrounds, extremely detailed finger/hand positions on the instruments, and stunning lighting..especially in the final episode. But the story about how Oumae Kumiko went from who she was in episode 1 to who she is in episode 13 was not only awesome, but also pretty realistic for once. This anime I think could definitely inspire people. Not only in music either, but in any field in life. The final performance scene was also the first time my eyes watered to a song, and I think it’s because of the struggles the characters had to go through to get that far.

I post that now because season 2 didn’t ruin those feelings at all. But I think that extends to almost all KyoAni anime. Even if you don’t like the particular show (Phantom World and Beyond the Boundry specifically seem to get a lot of hate), you CANNOT deny that KyoAni very clearly puts a ton of effort into everything they do. If anything, they’re possibly one of the most passionate studios out there.

I know it’s extremely fanboyish, but I pretty much automatically get hyped for anything new from KyoAni now days. They’re the only studio that’s hit far more than they’ve missed for me. I doubt I’ll ever stop loving them and the pieces of art they throw at me.

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Anime Streaming needs to improve in 2018

I wish CR would actually use all the bank they’re making to improve their site. Flash should’ve been dead at the latest, two years ago. Their 12.95 a month sub gives access to beta HTML5 player but it really should be their main player already. I used it like March last year and it had no major issues. All the issues were minor compared to what Flash is. Their bitrate is also garbage. Especially in heavy action scenes. They’ve barely improved that over the years. Then there was that big issue last year where people noticed the overall quality of videos was being downgraded like two days after they were uploaded. The entire backlog was turned to visual trash. Not sure how much of that they fixed, if any, I haven’t been able to find updates. edit:  Last update seems to be in October. But overall, they’re making record profits every year and don’t seem to be using much of it to improve the site itself. I understand that licenses are probably going up in cost but user experience should be high on the priority list. On the other hand, they probably understand that most people are casuals that don’t care much about actual quality.

I’ve also caught at least 30 elementary-level grammar/spelling issues in their subs in 2017. This extends to Anime Strike subs and Sentai as well, though. Combined total of nearly 50 glaring errors that is outright laughable for people that get PAID to make subtitles.  I only watched 65 anime so there’s no way I caught every mistake that exists. I’m scared to imagine just how many there really were. Not to mention blatant translation errors or extreme liberties taken. They translated “Tanuki” as “monkey” in Sakura Quest. That was just plain stupid and insulting. Tanuki are their own unique animal and should be respected. Gabriel DropOut, whoever translated that, decided to turn every joke into an angel/demon pun despite the Japanese not doing that at all. And I’m not arguing for 100% literal translations, but it’s pretty disrespectful to change what the writers intended. They didn’t even come close to making such puns. Jokes were more “normal” and less cringe-inducing in Japanese. They went away from the creators’ original intent there, and that’s something no translator should ever do.

I just want the world of anime to improve for everyone and last year it just felt like these companies started caring a lot less when so many basic mistakes were made all year long. What bothers me most though, is that they rarely seem to ever go back and fix these mistakes. I checked Sakura Quest a few weeks ago and it STILL had “monkey” instead of “Japanese racoon dog” or simply “tanunki”. They should just leave it as tanuki, it’s basically an official word at this point of time.

With Anime Strike out of the game, and maybe Amazon itself, that’s less competition to motivate the older players to improve.  I still have hope that these companies actually care, though. We’ll see….

Forgive my own grammar mistakes, please. I don’t get paid for this.

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Crunchyroll…what the fuck is this?


Shitty job at taking the screenshot, sorry about that. Anyway, that should say “a loser”, and not  “a looser”.  I really hope they don’t actually pay someone money to make these kind of grade school mistakes.

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